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iPhone 5 Repairs


Getting your iPhone 5 repaired when needed gives you peace of mind. Though it’s a fact that this is an old version of the iPhone series, TPK Wireless still has all the tools needed to repair your iPhone 5.            

iPhone 5 Battery Repair 

It is sometimes a misconception that when your mobile phone’s battery is already damaged, you must purchase a new iPhone. Wrong! At TPK Wireless, there’s still hope to fix your iPhone 5 battery. We have certified technicians who’ve mastered the ins and outs of every mobile phone on the planet. When it comes down to a mobile phone battery repair, we’ve got you covered.  

Common Causes of iPhone 5’s Battery Damage 

Charging the iPhone 5 for a long time can affect its battery life. It is highly recommended to always check the percentage when your mobile phone is being charged. Leaving it for a while even when the status is at 100% may weaken its performance. Never overcharge your phone. Most users know that, and it isn’t rocket science. When you’re outside, don’t leave the iPhone 5 under extreme weather conditions. As your mobile phone ages, the iPhone 5’s battery performance declines.    

Front and Rear Camera Repair For iPhone 5  

One great feature of all iPhones is the camera. As an iPhone 5 user, you’ll notice it, especially when you notice the phone is no longer producing bright and clear photos. 

But, what happens when it doesn’t work the way you want it to? 

That’s when TPK Wireless comes into play. We have technicians who can suggest things to be done on your iPhone 5 at reasonable costs. At TPK Wireless, our techs have the right set of tools to help you out with iPhone 5 camera repair.

Prolong Your iPhone 5’s Lifespan

When we first buy our mobile phones, we always have high hopes that they will last longer. As consumers, we spend hundreds of dollars on the latest iPhone technology. Looking for some ways not to waste money? 

At TPK Wireless, we offer iPhone 5 screen replacements, and it’s one way to protect your iPhone 5 unit wherever you go. If you’re a busy person and always carry the phone with you, there are chances that you might drop the iPhone at least once in your life. 

Are you already seeing a few scratches on your iPhone 5 screen? Have you experienced any screen blackouts while texting? If so, these are obvious signs that you need to pay a visit to a repair shop nearby. 

Our techs at TPK Wireless carefully do iPhone 5 screen replacement since they know how sensitive it is. Visit our tech repair shop and get real value for your money.  

Contact us today 

If you think you’re having issues with your iPhone 5 and don’t know how to deal with them, let us take care of it. TPK Wireless can help you by providing the best iPhone 5 repair service. Get in touch with us today and inquire. Our techs are all ready to assist you!