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Backlight Repair for iPhone 6 & 6+

Backlight Repair for iPhone 6 & 6+

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iPhone 6 & 6+ Backlight Repair (Micro soldering)

  • Backlight circuit or backlight filter repair
  • Is your display very faint and dark? You can only see your display if you shine a bright light on the screen? The backlight circuit needs to be rebuilt or the backlight filter need to be replaced. 
  • 6 month warranty on all repairs.

Local customers please visit the Fayetteville or Camp Creek location for same day repair service.

Camp Creek: 404-786-9187

Fayetteville: 404-889-5524


Out-of-state customers that wish to mail the device in for repair, please print & fill out the mail-in repair form. Mail your device with the form after purchasing this service. Please contact us for questions or assistance.

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